New Practice Location

I met with Grand Canyon U. today and they have given us a new practice location.  They are in fact excited about having us on their campus.  Starting Sunday, July 6, we will practice at the Effington Theatre (sorry if that is misspelled).  The college is on Camelback Rd between 31st and 33rd Avenues.  Very easy access from I-17. 

The location finally gives us separate areas for the pipes and drums and rooms set up for sound.  Kathy and I have sat through many good plays and musicals there and marveled at the acoustics.  It is a little smaller then what we now have for marching but when the weather is right, lots of areas outside to play in. 
We still have to sign a contract and send them a certificate of insurance, so anything could happen, but for now it looks good.
Over the last year or so, a number of people have asked if we could start practices a little later.  I’d like to suggest that we start practice promptly at 3:00PM and finish by 5:00PM.  This will give families who need the time after church to socialize and then make practice.  For my money one hour later won’t hurt me.  Let me know what you think.

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