San Diego Videos

July 14th, 2008

Video’s from every band (including us) at San Diego are posted on YouTube at

enjoy …. 


New Practice Location

June 12th, 2008

I met with Grand Canyon U. today and they have given us a new practice location.  They are in fact excited about having us on their campus.  Starting Sunday, July 6, we will practice at the Effington Theatre (sorry if that is misspelled).  The college is on Camelback Rd between 31st and 33rd Avenues.  Very easy access from I-17. 

The location finally gives us separate areas for the pipes and drums and rooms set up for sound.  Kathy and I have sat through many good plays and musicals there and marveled at the acoustics.  It is a little smaller then what we now have for marching but when the weather is right, lots of areas outside to play in. 
We still have to sign a contract and send them a certificate of insurance, so anything could happen, but for now it looks good.
Over the last year or so, a number of people have asked if we could start practices a little later.  I’d like to suggest that we start practice promptly at 3:00PM and finish by 5:00PM.  This will give families who need the time after church to socialize and then make practice.  For my money one hour later won’t hurt me.  Let me know what you think.


April 28th, 2008

Video’s from the Arizona Highland Games are on YouTube and linked from the front page of the website:

 or use these links:  (3-5 min Medley) (QMM)

 Video courtesy of the Glendale Police PB …

Tempe Practice Location

January 21st, 2008

Our Thursday practices (and Sunday Jan 27th) are held at Kyrene de la Brisas Elementary School,
777 North Desert Breeze Blvd E, Chandler, AZ.  Take 101 Fwy south to Ray, exit going west on Ray past McClintock (1.5mi).  Take a left (south) at Desert Breeze and follow it until you come to two schools on the left.  The Mulitpurpose room in the elementrary school is the last building to the south.  Park in the lot and go around the south side to the multiple double doors.  One or more should be open.   You can also take I-10 south to Ray and get to Desert Breeze past Rural Road.  (a Google map is linked to the school name above).

Site Updates

December 4th, 2007

I’ve added pictures from the Tucson HG and updated the gig list …


Workshop with Steve Megarity

November 11th, 2007
Next weekend is our competition workshop with Steve Megarity.  We will meet at Kyrene de Las Brisas Elementary School.  See the attachment.

Steve wants to work with the band on Saturday going over music, etc. We will start at noon and go til 4:30 or 5:00pm.  Then on Sunday we will start at 9:00am and work til 3:00pm.  We will order pizzas for lunch.  On Sunday we will work on the pipes and steady blowing. 

This is a great opportunity for us to really bring our music and performance to the next level.  Steve has both a great background and reputation in pipe band circles.  Let’s make the best of every moment with him.  Come prepared to work and learn.

Please Call me with questions.


Tucson HG

November 4th, 2007
Thank-you all for a great performance today.  I very much appreciate your high level of professionalism.  It makes me proud to be a part of this band.

Please do not forget to congratulate Kris Gordon for his efforts in producing such a good drum section and his corps for looking and sounding so smart.

Keep up the good work! 


Band Schedule for Tucson Highland Games

November 1st, 2007

From the TCFA organizers:

Hi Everybody,
We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the games this weekend! Scotty has sent everyone the schedule for the solo piping competition. This is the schedule for the bands:

 10:15- 10:45 Hugh O’Conor (both days)
 11:00-11:30  Seven Pipers (both days)
 12:00- about 12:30 Opening Ceremonies/Massed Bands (both days)
 2:00-2:30 Glendale Police (Saturday)
 2:00-2:30 Phoenix Scottish (Sunday)
So much is going on at the games, that we felt these were the best times  to showcase the bands.  The current idea is that when it’s time for your band to play, start on the west field and move to the east, in the center of the clan tents. If anything changes after the final layout of the field, I’ll let you know. The key here is to find an area that allows for folks to gather ’round, but also to respect the space of the musicians on the stages.

All of the bands opted for the $800 and the bring-your-own-tent deal (with Phoenix and Glendale sharing), so the band area is on the north side of the west field (north of the athletics this time). 

In order of importance: beer, food and porta-potties are nearby. :-)

If you have any questions, there will be an information booth at the 
entrance and my cellphone is 548-7245.

Tucson Celtic Festival

October 30th, 2007
Sunday, November 4th is the Tucson Celtic Festival.  We should be there no later than 9:30am.  A number of you are competing so you will be there earlier and I will be there around 8:00 to give you a hand.  You can go to their website for directions, etc. 
Tickets – I have the tickets (they were in the front seat on my car) please let me know how I can get them to you this week.  If you are coming for a lesson, I can give you one then or let me know if I should mail one to you – there’s time.   

Usual uniform.  Let’s look sharp.   


Band Blog

October 29th, 2007

Welcome to the PPB Members Blog.  Stay tuned here for up-to-the-minute band updates…